So, I began my reiki treatments with Sophie well over a month ago, following an extremely trying time. Prior to our first session, I had little expectation as this was my first experience with any professional energy treatment. However, from the moment the session began, I was delighted by how comfortable and safe she made me feel.The healing itself came after a deep tissue massage, which was both calming and restorative. When she began, I was immediately lifted into a state I had failed to reach with my own attempts.I’d been warned that, when it comes to spiritual healing, you will experience lows before feeling the full effects of reiki but with Sophie, this wasn’t the case. After the session, I felt as though I had partly achieved what I was searching for with the added delight of feeling lighter and supported.I see Sophie at least once every two weeks, and each time I visit her I achieve something I was previously unaware that was needed, whether it be relieving trauma or an aided meditation. She’s not only skillful but incredibly warm and, although I didn’t offer any sort of guidance as to what result I was after, deeply intuitive. As someone who’s devoted their life to science, I feel confident in saying that although I can’t fully understand what happens during our sessions – the effects are lasting, restorative, incredibly meaningful and real.I can’t recommend visiting Sophie enough, and fully believe that if anyone is seeking a reiki professional for any reason, you couldn’t ask for a better experience or result.



I was very excited to receive my first ever reiki session. I had been gifted it by a friend in a beautiful box full of crystals and many other wonderful spiritual gifts.
I was quite apprehensive about having reiki over video call on my MacBook but Sophie explained how it would work and I’ll be totally honest, I was amazed at the results!
I know that any spiritual experience is personal to each individual and may differ.
I am planning to have another session with Sophie soon and feel that confident and recommending her to friends and family. Sophie was very helpful and kind with giving me resources to expand and develop my spiritual experience.
Overall, the important part of my experience is that Sophie was kind, calm and respectful which would make anyone feel comfortable and safe in he presence.



I have never felt so refreshed and energized, this lockdown truly has had a negative effect on my personal, not eating right, bad attitude etc..., I decided to give Reiki a go, Sophie had truly changed how I live my day, her manners and attitude is very professional, she tried to understand you as a person and makes you feel extremely safe and looked after. In those times spend together I felt her lovely warm energy. She also provided some useful recommendations in respect to my spiritual journey by demonstrating how a healthy balance between staying at home working and my spiritual wellbeing.



Sophie has done a few online sessions for me - I was originally rather sceptically about remote Reiki but I have to say it worked for me. Whether it is more energy, a better mood or pain
relief it does make a difference. 
Sophie is also really nice to deal with and very flexible. I would say that I have found the effects to be more noticeable the more sessions I do - not sure if it would be the same for
everyone. I really recommend Sophie, give her a try - its worth it.



I have found my online Reiki sessions with Sophie invaluable. The Reiki energy has enabled me to connect with myself and others on a deeper spiritual level. I feel more authentically
myself after the sessions,with stress and tension dissolved. 

The serene, relaxing meditation has a wonderful focus on grounding and aligning the body, mind and spirit. The sensations are very different each time as the energy shifts through your
entire being, leaving you feeling alleviated and refreshed.

Sophie is a very kind and warm
person and I instantly felt calm and comfortable in her presence. Sophie introduced me to the use of crystals and has inspired me to purchase various crystals which I now use in my daily life.

I would recommend to anyone who is open to receiving this beautiful healing energy. 



Sophie’s reiki and crystal work have been extremely helpful to me in addressing the stress and exhaustion I was experiencing due to my work. She always seems to key into what I need whether its an energy boost, grounding, or an opening for creativity, and that’s across an ocean and a continent! She has a gift in her ability to tap into your energy and release those issues that are keeping you from being your best. I come out of my sessions with Sophie feeling refreshed, reenergized, and able to take on anything the day may present.



I have suffered with ptsd for many years that’s how I was introduced to Sophie threw a mutual friend. The reiki sessions have changed my life for the better. I never thought it would work but how
wrong was I.



I have been absolutely touched by the service I received from, Sophie at Present Beings.
I haven't had one done for year's and was definitely in need!
I really enjoyed the session!
Sophie was spot on with the areas most dominant within me that are used for my own healing! She did a whole body experience!
For any skeptics, she is worth every penny!
The physical feelings I personally experienced were very real and honestly unexpected! I really enjoyed and will book in again.



I tried Reiki with Sophie and I can truthfully say it had a very big impact on me. She has an incredible way about her that makes you feel safe. During the session I could feel her energy affecting me. It’s hard to explain but she definitely shifted something in me that had become stagnant. The next day I felt so much less anxious and much calmer. I went back for more sessions and they were great for solidifying the benefits and to give me a firm foundation to stay healthier. I can recommend her without any hesitation. She has life changing skills.

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