Our Philosophy

What does it mean to be a present being?

For us Present beings represents the state of bliss that comes from aligning yourself truly to the present moment, only then we can be fully conscious and value our true essence, our surroundings and the beauty of mother nature. Not dwelling on the past or fearing the future.

 What we aim with Present-beings is each person opening their box feels the love that is put into each individual box. For all senses to be awakened and to be fully emersed into the present moment while feeling excited to explore each monthly theme. I would love for Present-beings to help build union, a place where people can connect and feel accepted and part of something special.

Each box is full of items specifically sourced from ethically sourced productions, as we believe in protecting mother earth and supporting small businesses.

 What message do you have for customers?

 Everything comes from within. Learning how to harness your energy through crystals and meditation enables you to live a more harmonious life.

The healing potential from crystals which is integral with their evolution, to learn to tap into this wonderful gift of nature.

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The Healing Power of Crystals