I have been on a journey of self discovery for several years. During this time I came to realise that there were changes I needed to make, to let go of self destructive patterns for the benefit of my physical health, my mental health as well as my spiritual well-being.

I found moments of bliss and inner peace through meditation, enabling me to become more present, which in turn allowed me to tap into my inner wisdom, finding truth and meaning in life.

When I introduced crystals into my Reiki sessions it bought a powerful healing element to my offerings. Rather than listening and watching the reiki energy, I recognised that I was now tuning in to the frequencies of my clients chakras, gazing at their auras and receiving more intuitive nudges to what my clients we’re experiencing as I explored with crystals during their sessions. I was able to tap in to visions of crystal placements and combinations that would help them overcome physical or energetic imbalances, overcome limiting beliefs or overcoming destructive patterns. I found that crystals and reiki work so well together and I saw a big difference in helping accelerate my clients healing process.

Wanting to spread love and connection through crystals, I felt called to create a meaningful toolbox that I could share with clients to help them to stay present and to feel a sense of serenity and beauty in their daily lives. 

Sophie's Vision

Interview with the Founder

Present Beings

How did you discover Reiki as your passion?

Throughout my life I have often experienced a lot of emotional ups and downs that I would find challenging to navigate through. Now reflecting back, it was a disconnection to my spiritual essence that was causing these imbalances. 

Luckily, my life had transformed dramatically when I started attending spiritual retreats and felt guidance to begin healing work. I began to change direction, change habits, social circles, most things in my life started to change. I had a strong sense of renewal.

However during the first lockdown, I was alone in my flat in London, living in fear of work stopping and isolation. I began to lean in on my spiritual practice more than ever. This is when I was introduced to Reiki, by a Reiki Master and my beautiful journey began. I loved the Reiki energy and how It would give me the opportunity to release suppressed emotions and I felt increasingly lighter. 

​After having many Reiki treatments I decided to study Reiki so I could share the benefits I have experienced


How can crystals help people?

Crystal Therapy has long been used as a gentle system of Holistic healing. Crystals are created by the natural energies of the planet and we can harness that energy to heal ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

​What I like to channel in on and really focus on is how these amazing gifts of mother earth can help us in our daily lives and expand our consciousness.

​Crystals can help many emotional and stress-related conditions, and thereby help alleviate physical symptoms with them. Crystals can accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal.

​Setting intentions is very important with Crystals. It is important in everything we do each day, from getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night. It's sending out the vibration to the universe.

Intent is a very powerful tool.

From time to time we can feel stuck and stagnant in our lives with little direction. These feelings are created because our mind is telling us we can’t move forward and we can get stuck in an illusion, where we can feel helpless, useless or without meaning, if this persists this can lead to disharmony between the body and mind, which eventually can turn into dis-ease or illness.

This is why I find having tools and something to lean on to help you through situations and to gain clarity is so precious. These kinds of tools can help you navigate through the waves of life and regain alignment and ultimately tap back into the divine energy of love.


How would you like present beings to evolve?

Present-beings represents the state of bliss that comes from aligning yourself truly to the present moment, only then we can be fully conscious and value our true essence, our surroundings and the beauty of mother nature. Not dwelling on the past or fearing the future is essential for our wellbeing.

What I aim with Present-beings is each person opening their box feels the love that is put into each individual box. For all senses to be awakened and to be fully in the present moment. I would love for Present-beings to help build union, a place where people can connect and feel accepted and part of something special.

​Each box is full of ethically sourced items as we believe in protecting mother earth and supporting small businesses where possible.


What message do you have for customers?

Everything comes from within. Learning how to harness your energy through crystals and meditation enables you to live a more harmonious life.

​The healing potential from crystals is integral to our evolution, to learn to tap into this wonderful gift of nature from our homes, even in the city, where we may feel disconnected from nature, we can ignite this feeling.