The Healing Power of Crystals

The power of crystals

Crystal Therapy has long been used as a gentle system of Holistic healing. Crystals are created by the natural energies of the planet and we can harness that energy to heal ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What We like to channel in on and really focus on is how these amazing gifts of mother earth can help us in our daily lives and expand our conscious living.

Crystals can help many emotional and stress-related conditions, and thereby help alleviate physical symptoms with them. Many people use crystals as complementary therapy to traditional medicine when they are experiencing a physical problem of illness. 

All matter on Earth has a vibrational frequency. Crystals accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal. Crystals can have certain special electrical, optical, and mechanical properties and have very stable energy frequencies. They are used in many applications for example quartz crystals in watches as well as crystals in lasers, x-ray machines and computers. Scientists are constantly finding out about crystals and their unique properties.

 When using crystals setting your intentions is very important, it is also important in everything we do each day, from getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night. Its sending out the vibration to the universe. Intent is a very powerful tool.

From time to time we can feel stuck and stagnant in our lives with little direction. These feelings are created because our mind is telling us we can’t move forward and we can get stuck in an illusion, where we can feel helpless, useless or without meaning, if this persists this can lead to disharmony between the body and mind, which eventually can turn into disease or illness. This is why we find having tools and something to lean on to help you through, to gain clarity, have faith and help you to navigate through the waves of life, and regain alignment and tap back into the Divine energy of love is so precious.

  • Sebastian


    I absolutely loved my box, felt very unique and personalised according to me. The attention to detail made me feel emotional and grateful and the oils and crystals felt close to my heart. I genuinely loved receiving a hand written letter from Sophie who sent the box to me and explained what everything was used for. I will definitely buy one for my sister and who ever I love <3

  • Lauren


    The Present Beings box has a calming yet exciting effect on me. I cant get enough of the crystals. They look great and I felt the beautiful energy beaming off them. Great to meditate with! Great self love treat and great pressie idea. I highly recommend!

  • Paul


    I just wanted to say I am absolutely blown away by the box you sent! I received it this morning and I almost cried with how grateful I was and the thought and sentiment behind each item. It’s my birthday on Saturday and I couldn’t think of a more wonderful gift to receive in the post. You really have created something so special. Please let me know when your subscription service is open I would love to sign up all my friends and family! sending lots of love and gratitude your way xx

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