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Introduction to Reiki and Booking

So you've read the description of Reiki as a form of energy healing but perhaps you are still wondering exactly how it works, what it might feel like and how it can help you. Reiki is simply a term for the energy force that powers us. Reiki energy or Chi as the Chinese call it flows throughout the body. But just as the physical flow of blood or fluids can be hindered by organs or blood vessels not working optimally, so can the flow of energy due to energy blockages or bottlenecks in the body. This energy can be associated with things like emotions or thoughts. Reiki helps you unblock these channels. As a consequence when the blocked energy is released you may feel a variety of feelings depending on the nature of those blocked emotions. By moving the energy we are able to be healthier both in the body as well as in the mind.
Reiki is not associated with any religious beliefs and doesn't rely on you believing in it for it to work. It does help however if you can find a place to relax and be calm when receiving Reiki.
I love what Reiki has done for my life and how it has helped me but I am biased so please have a read of the testimonials section to see what others have experienced in their sessions.